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There are new models of printers that arise in digital technology. Some can provide your business with easier access and fast speed assurance. Printers do the job with the internet connections that’s why you still have to check whether the new models will work with your computer upgraded systems.

Here are some guides which could help you in buying a great printer:

  • Page per minute (PPM)

This is a guide to checking how fast a printer can print pages. Some would think that printers are the same, but they are very different. Try, for example, color differs from black and white. The average black-and-white printer can print around 15 to 20 pages. Color printers can do the printing at around 10 to 15 pages per minute.

  • Dots per inch (DPI)

This spec studies how a good printer can create high-resolution and high-detailed printed images. But the newer software and printing methods can enhance a printed image without changing the DPI to a higher resolution.

  • Connectivity

Basic Wi-Fi and cloud printing are the standards of connectivity for particular projects. Every printing device offers connectivity in multiple options. You can check for other types of connections that could be more useful.

  • Ethernet

Printer data needs a basic wired Ethernet connection which is necessary to be useful in some office printer setups, not just at home. Some printers are equipped with Ethernet ports connected to the internet (wired connections).

  • Near-Field Communication (NFC)

This is available in some models, enabling your printer to be connected to your smartphone or tablet, simply by touching the device specifically on your printer.

  • SD cards

You can navigate this simply by using the printer’s menu so that you can select the files that you wish to be printed. Some printers may have some slots also for SD cards. Transferring SD cards directly from cameras to printers could be useful for photographers.

  • Two-sided printing

Automatic duplexing enables printing both sides of the page instead of manually flipping the page over. This is a big advantage to be considered when choosing to buy a great printer. Many all-in-one printers have an automatic document feeder (ADF) that allows scanning both sides of the page. Those cut from a magazine is a big convenience because frequently it has a scanned two-sided page.

  • Handling paper

It’s a good thing that many printers now include a dedicated feed tray on specialty papers, with unusual weights or sizes. Trying to consider the size of the input tray, smaller trays require you to add paper every time. 

  • Cost of ink

Ink cost in printing can be considered a big factor. The cost of ink can be measured per page, but its efficiency depends on how the printer model was designed. Some printers have direct cost-per-print information so that you can divide the cartridge page and the cost of toner cartridges.

Having a subscription plan could be an advantage because it cuts costs, especially in home businesses. 

You will have a continued supply of printer ink which is necessary for operating your printing business especially if you regularly perform huge print jobs. Make yourself not be tricked into buying refilled cartridges. Most printers would never recognize cartridges unless new and purchased directly from the manufacturer.


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These guides can contribute to being big factors that you have to consider in buying great printers. Color inkjet printers can print about anything. Laser printers offer good speed printing. A multifunction printer is an “all-in-one” that can do both the scanning and faxing as well as print. Whatever kind of printer you choose to own for your business, they may serve the same function for printing but they will always differ in some ways. Try to be guided accordingly.