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Scanning Tips for Copier Machine

It is crucial to have the proper equipment in your office and be aware of the best and proper practices if you routinely scan a large number of files and documents on your copier machine. If this is your first time using a copier machine, you have come to the right place!

Here are some of the essential scanning pointers that will help you maximize the performance of your device. Read on to know more.

Observe the Paper Tray

When your copy machine does not have enough paper, some types of copiers will automatically recognize the situation. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid that unpleasant beeping sound that signals an empty tray and a total halt in printing.

To avoid this, check the copier’s paper tray and restock it with printer paper when you are done printing every document or project. The following person using the copier to print or scan a document will undoubtedly appreciate your effort. In addition, this is also a simple way to keep your copier functioning properly.

Install a Metal Detector

Paperclips and staples are often left in huge papers that need to be scanned. And this may lead to many errors and problems in the future. This might be a significant issue for most copying and printing machines.

In this case, you may consider installing a metal detector to discover staplers and paper clips. This is an excellent way to prevent your copier from any possible damage.

Invest in an Automatic Document Feeder

The ADF or Automatic Document Feeder is a component that is typical on most large copiers, fax machines, and printers. Nevertheless, some old versions of copying and printing machines may not have this feature.

You can significantly reduce the time you need to scan a document if your copier comes with an ADF feature. This feature works by enabling the scanning and copying features of the machine at once. Thus, eliminating the need to individually feed each page into the scanner or copier before beginning the process.

In other words, an Automatic Document Feeder will feed papers into the machine without requiring any human contact. This allows you to divert your attention to other tasks that are more important and productive for the company.

Invest in a Good Office Equipment

Find a copy machine that can meet your company’s requirements and put it to good use. Standard desktop scanners are capable of performing around ten scans in one minute. A capable and well-functioning office machine can do more than one thousand scans in one hour.

Before buying or leasing a copier, make sure to check your company’s workflow and requirements to ensure that the machine you have can meet your business requirements.

Raise Your Default Resolution

Another worthwhile scanning top is to raise the default resolution of your copier or scanner. If your scanner has a default resolution of 200 dpi, it is best if you will increase it to 300 dpi. Although the final papers will have a bigger file size, the quality of the documents will be much improved.

Enable Color Scanning

If your copier or scanner has a color scanning feature, you should use the functionality as much as possible. When you scan a document in black and white instead of colored, you can end up with photos that add very little or no value to the information contained in the text.

Final Thoughts

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Your company may reap some beneficial advantages from scanning. But those benefits won’t materialize if the scans that are produced are of a low quality. A scan that was not done correctly is approximately as valuable as a paper document cleaned with water.

Consider some of the scanning tips above using your copier.