Saves Ink With Epson Multifunctinal Copier

How do you spell savings when it comes to using your printers? Savings may come in different forms. Sometimes, they can come in the forms that you least expect. Although you are only looking at copier leases at the moment because buying is still way out of budget, it is still important to look into the unit that you will take out for lease. After all, a copier lease is an investment in itself. Who knows, the printer unit you lease might be something you’d like to purchase in the future. 

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You must have heard of the Epson MFP series that promises to save you the most ink. Among all the models under this series, you are wondering which of them can save you the most ink and still produce as many prints as you wish. Ink savings could easily translate into bigger savings for the business. The more prints you make out of a given amount of ink should make the choice fairly easy. 

Now, which three from the Epson MFP series should be a good investment?

An ink-efficient printer can spell the difference between success and failure in saving up for your business. When picking a printer, you have to know exactly what you are looking for. The features on the list might help make a difference, but it is in your knowledge of what you need that will make you decide which one. 

Either of these three printers in this list is worthy of your investment. They all give you the highest number of prints, not to mention the fact that they produce high-quality ones. 

  • Epson Expression ET-2750 Ecotank All-In-One Printer

The EcoTank series of the Epson printers present a new approach to achieving color and ink efficiency. It uses an appropriate inkwell that is specially designed to directly connect itself to the ink head. It uses four-volume ink tanks to produce quality prints. Instead of spending more money buying cartridges, you simply have to refill the bottles that are already installed in the printer. It makes the whole process simpler and more cost-effective too. 

  • Epson MFP P800

This is the Epson mode that is much like the others in its series. It uses more than five types of colors and at least two types of black inks. This printer is perfect for those who are looking for something that is cost-effective yet compact. This wide-range printer allows you to make larger prints minus the cost of having a professional printer to do it. The black inks also adjust well to the kind of material you are using it for — glossy or matte. Such types of dual prints make it possible for beautiful prints to be produced. 

  • Epson MFP P400

This printer is rather small that’s why it belongs to the wide-range yet compact printers. It is perfect for start-up companies who are looking for quality minus the cost. The quality of the print it produces is at par with the other big printers in the Epson MFP series. Its inks come in cartridges so you will have to change it once all the ink has been used and drained. The best part of it all is the fact that it is affordable and easy on the budget. 

Now, which printer should you get? The decision is up to you. All these three in the list make for a good start-up printer that you can use for a long time. They are worth the investment you put on them, not to mention the prints you are going to make that will look more professional than you expected.