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Signs That You Need To Upgrade Your Copier

A time will come when your copier will start to work more and more, especially if it is getting near the end of its life. To monitor this change, you need to pay attention to your overall printing cost and check if it had increased significantly over the past few months. This can help you know when you need to upgrade your copier, and if you see that you are replacing the toner more and more then it is time to call your service provider and ask for an assessment. 

Replacing your office copier is not anyone’s favourite maintenance task, but it can be one of the most critical to ensuring your company is running smoothly and efficiently as it can. Copiers are very different from other pieces of office equipment because they show so little external wear and tear and the signs of an ailing copier are not common knowledge for most people.

Your printing costs are increasing monthly

Copiers will start to consume more and more as they get near the end of their shelf life. If you pay attention to the ongoing printing costs, it can help you narrow down when a copier upgrade is pending, and if you notice that you are replacing toner more often than usual make sure to call your print services provider and ask for an assessment of your printing fleet. 

You are making too many service calls to your provider

If you are noticing that you have to call your copier service provider for repair and services a few times a month, then it is possible that you might need to look into an upgrade. Most modern copiers have more moving pieces than modern trucks and cars. Those copier parts will wear down after a few years, and that is an awful lot of parts to break. Next time that you have to make a service call ask them for some upgrade recommendations. 

Signs That You Need To Upgrade Your Copier

Your copier can no longer keep up with your company’s needs

Copiers are not exactly known as living on the bleeding edge of technology and the increases in functionality that have come around with mobile devices and technology wherein you can print anywhere. A sign that you need to upgrade your copier is that you are using a technology that is no longer at par with your needs, or that your team is already asking you if your copier can do this or that operation. Ask your account manager about the new technologies available in modern printers. 

Devices develop all the time, and the supplies and accessories also develop along with them. If you keep the same type of copier for years even after a lot of models have been introduced to you, you will find it difficult to look for supplies like toners and parts that are compatible with the model that you have. 

Machines usually upgrade to keep up with the times, and for your convenience, that is why they offer solutions to previous issues and a new feature that can boost your productivity. Once you see that it is becoming difficult to find the supplies for your copier, then it is a sign that you need to upgrade it. 

As your copier is used more frequently, the quality of prints will decline slowly. If you see that the papers have smear marks and smudges or if paper jams happen often, then you need to get a high-quality copier that has the solution to those issues. You can rent or lease a copier if you are not ready to buy a new one yet. Getting a new copier is important. It is an investment that should not be overlooked because it can affect the way that your company runs and it can also affect the work of everyone. 

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